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The Top Secret Weapon That Defines Your Business Success

What’s a weapon? The Weapon is generally perceived as a knife, a gun, any sharp edgy bomb, something to hurt the other or just kept for the safety of one’s own. Well, here it’s not what you are thinking now. Basically, a weapon is the strong sharp edge like material or idea which helps you build the ladder of success, which saves you from hard times, and ensures you the safety of you and the people working under you. I am sure by now you must be thinking about getting an insurance plan for the safety of you and your staff, but it’s not that. This weapon is different, that’s why it’s top secret.

We all, being human at first, long for those things which make us feel human again. Professionalism, as we see is also a part of mega illusion we have formed since ages, and still, the one who knows the top secret of it. Want to know what this top secret is all about? Answer this- Why a capital investor remembers only few of the candidates looking for investment out of thousands? Because all selected people had a great vision about their businesses and startups? Well, up to some extent, but the major thing why an investor remembers some candidates out of thousands is only because of the Personal Authentic STORY which they had shared with him.

In spite of the everlasting rewards of Storytelling, very few business owners and professionals are personally aware of the Life-changing Power of Storytelling. In today’s automated world where robots are ruling human in almost every activity, Storytelling is the one magical key that will keep you human and thriving throughout your entrepreneurship journey.

“In every probable form, the company story is the company strategy. If you don’t really have an expressed story, you don’t really hold an understandable & well deliberated strategy. Your Story must answer at the ground level that why you nearly exist.”

While conducting a meticulous research, it has been found that the World Most Successful Business Leaders are master storytellers: Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Sara Blakely, Bill Gates, Ratan Tata, etc.

Whether you feel or not, there’s a battle going on- a battle of ideas, of doing things better, of selling products and services, and grasping customer focus while leaving everyone behind. This craze of competition is never going to be easy, never. But if there is something that can save you, then it’s your secret weapon- The Power of Storytelling.

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