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5 Elements that Completes Your Business Storytelling

Time has gone when business and companies used to stay that they are trustworthy & customer driven and people used to believe on them. Today customers don’t want to believe you if you just say that you are “Customer oriented”, “reliable” or “honest”, they want you to get down to the reality and tell them the how are going to do what you are saying.

There was a time when people use to take goods and services on the basis of advertisement they see on television, radio, newspaper, etc, but what they really seek now is the candidness and authenticity of startups in showing the true authentic side of themselves.

Undeniably, a thousand things have changed in the last 50 years, but if there is something which is still rapidly growing among the lives of this generation is the Sacred Art of Storytelling.

Stories have been in existence even before they have been told, and neither the yearning to hear stories has been reduced, nor the desire to tell stories have been changed. Nowadays, customers don’t just want to respond to data to choose a company over the other rather they want to connect with a company’s true story.

The prime reason behind the hype and effectiveness of storytelling is that they bring out an empathetic response from the listener that is even more impactful. Stories work because buying is not the ultimate goal, the ultimate goal is to form a strong emotional connection with the audience. And once the connection has been adequately formed, nothing can stop the company from ruling the market by every means.


Here we are leveraging the 5 core tactics that are critical to executing successful storytelling-:


Many CEO and business owners tend to give more focus on what they do without explaining who they truly are. People don’t buy from people without knowing who they truly are. Today’s audience has a more insightful influence of those entrepreneurs who come out with their true authentic story, rather than bluffing all about their product or services.


Now that you have tell who you truly are, it’s time to present what you do, but while sharing so, you must be concise, specific, and state things that are proactive. Make sure your brief spell out a major benefit to the person you are having a conversation with. If at the end of the story, people understand clearly how they are going to be benefited by you, you have done a great job.


Whether you realize or not- our world has been more purpose driven than ever before. Remember- people aren’t really purchasing what you do- instead they’re buying WHY in the world you do it. Your “Why” is what makes you different from others.


In spite of sheer significance of this element, very few entrepreneurs comprehend it. In today’s world, people believe in transparency, thus want to know how you do what you do. Though CEO and business owners often get excited about normally sharing what they do, can institute reliance & consistency among themselves and probable customer.


Now that you have passed from all the process, it’s time for you to proof them with the solid customer feedback stop. For instance- Whenever you are telling someone a story, begin by sharing the main problem & difficulty the customer is dealing with, when they first come up to you, then explain what you have taken care of and WHY. At last, reveal the benefits the customer holds now after working with you.

This exclusive technique will allow the listener to relate to the customer in your story, and will hopefully give the necessary buoyancy for a product or service.

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