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Social is the new Green! Yeah green, it’s one of the most effective and necessary ingredients to our life. From contacting customers, falling in love, or keeping in touch with friends and relatives, everything has been revolutionised by the charismatic Online Media or social media.  According to a survey, over 2.3 billion people use social media on a constant basis.  There is nothing wrong to state that social media has redefined the way we live. With millions of people being active on social media every day, it’s quite a tough task to mark your presence in any of these platforms.  Nevertheless, it’s essential to success in today’s market. So, what could be the best strategy to thrive in your social media? Here’s the one we utterly believe in-:

1. Be the expert in your Niche- 

Even before you get to people for following your posts and stuff on social media, we suggest you to establish yourself as a strong expert in your field.  Ensure yourself that your niche is defined, and you actually have the know-how and reputation of the expert.  It’s always great to hold the strong foothold over one particular niche rather just being the jack-of-all-trades.  Even research have shown that companies or brand with particular niche and focused social media strategy success much more than just a wide plan that has a lot of things on the table.

2. Show them what you got-

This is where the real action starts. Once you have discovered a particular niche in which you are expertise, it’s your time to spread awareness and engage your audience through articles, images, videos, etc.  But, along the process, don’t forget to prove or describe why you are an expert in it. If you don’t know, there are endless YouTube Celebs, who have made a fortune just by uploading their expertise tutorials. You have to produce sincere and winning content to give your followers a reason to stay in touch with you.

3. Collect Feedbacks From Your Clients-

Any Start-up or business is never complete without the people. Even if you are the solo entrepreneur or operating as a one man army, the people you will need most is your customers. Not only just for taking your services but for increasing your business too. You will need them to build your reputation. Encourage your customers, followers, or well-wishers to give you reviews or testimonials on your services. Having reviews from your followers will not only be appreciate you for more but will also be the best way to generate more leads.

4. Why You? Answer them-

There is no industry in this world which has no competition. Almost every industry has It, and no matter how perfect you are in what you are offering to the world, there will be people marching against you. Thus, you will have to show why you are better, unique or different from the others in your niche. Showing others why you are better from everybody else in your niche will not only outrank you from the swarm but will surely keep you ahead of the competition.

5. Can you just disappear? No, you can’t-

If you really wish to do better in your social media posting, then you need to be specific and regular with your social media content or postings, you can’t just be invisible from all platforms for months at a time and then show up, hoping people to be following you or stay interested in what you have to say.  You don’t have to post couple of times a day, but you ought to be posting a couple of times in a week.  The more focused and regular you are, the more your follower will increase.

6. You must have “The Schedule”-

Social media could be so fruitful and exciting if you know the right way to do things. To make the most out of it, we suggest you to schedule and automate, but in a coordinated manner. Do it with passion, but with meticulous thought process about each and everything. For example, if you scheduling content for the coming week, never post too much of something in one single row. Like, don’t post 30 photos followed by 10 videos and 5 testimonials. If you do it, all your followers flake out badly.  If you are creating a schedule, start with a photo, followed by a blog, then few testimonials, and then end it with a video.

7. Guide them, but focus on enhancing your horizons –

In order to succeed in the longer run, you have to add value in what you are offering to the masses. Your core focus should be in passing your expertise to your followers so that they can actually be benefited.  Use Facebook and twitter paid promotions to get your service reach masses; this will also enhance your business at manifold levels.


Thriving on Social Media is not an overnight activity; it’s a long daunting process that consumes a significant amount of time and hard-work. But if you are staunch and firm to build it in the right way, nothing can stop you from getting succeed.

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