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How to create the content people love? Best Tips for Website content writing for startups and commerce store.

6 Guaranteed Ways for Creating Website Content That People Love

Online business has revolutionised the way people do things. Now, whether it’s a vegetable or a branded dress, you can do almost everything just with a single click on your mobile, tablet or PC. How wonderful, isn’t it? This never-ending sale purchase and dealing have enhanced the value of content up to the threshold, thus why not make the most of it.

If you are the one facing troubles in retaining the visitors on your e-commerce or shop related website, you must assess the value of your online content. Remember you don’t have real people running after visitors and persuading them to purchase your products, it’s just the content which can do that for you.  For that purpose, here we are proposing the private and sure-fire guide to bring more traffic and engaging your visitors just with your website content.

1. Know the People You Are Writing For

The very first thing you should know before creating your site content is the audience you are writing for. Find them, think about who they are and what they like, and create content as if you are having a heartfelt conversation with them, you’ll be amazed on how wonderful and engaging it will turn out to be.

Understand your audience. Keep it interactive. Focus on your audience instead bashing about yourself. 

2. Keep it Simple & Straight 

See things with a different perspective, from the standpoint of the visitor. If you try to be smart or creative, it will consume much of their time, and thus leave your website. Don’t overdo the word, don’t repeat the same sentence over and over again. Keep it exciting, informative and fun.

Simple Statements does the magic. Eliminate whatever you don’t need and keep it classy as possible.

3. Write for Turning Visitors to Customers

Yes, with the technological advancement, we have everything except time. So wonder who will read the whole pages of content in such minimal time environment. Rarely 10-15%, so what you should do? Answer these question to yourself, and you will know-

a. Do your headlines justify what you are?
b. Does your image caption deliver a strong sales message?
c. Do your Sub-headings clarify your main points?
d. Do you use bullet points to reduce the word length?

Remember, your customer time is precious, so give him what he’s looking for, and he will stay with you.

4. Consider your audience as the laziest ones-

Write for those who don’t wish to read. According to a study, over 75% of people ignore reading and just do quick scanning whenever they need something online.

For fresh & classy content:

a. Use Simple & Short Sentences
b. Use quick paragraphs
c. Skip unnecessary words
d. Eliminate Needless Duplications
e. Shorten your text
f. No Jargon & Circumlocutory words
g. Use the first sentence, address your visitor with the word “you.”

5. Get Ready for Visitors Incoming from on every web page of your website

 Yes, your site is not a book which people start reading from the very first chapter. It’s the country in which people come from every single segment. Thus, you have to be prepared for having visitors from every part of your website. If you don’t believe, go check out your analytics page and see how many people are landing on several pages.

Now, if every page of your website is an entry page, what you must do?

# Every page must be straightforward and easy to understand
# Every page should justify your audience about where they are and     what is the use of your website
# Call to Action– Every page of your site has a clear call to action informing people what to do next. (Read another blog, Go to the shop, Check out the new product details, request a quote, etc.check)

Don’t ever assume that people test the navigation panel and do the hard work. And include a button or link to take people to the next step.

6. Glorify it with High-Quality Content

Your website content must work in the ideal amalgamation with your web picture. You can’t do anything without considering how your web pages will appear.

For a visually attractive web copy: –

A. Utilise Photographs and videos
B. Consider different font sizes – as large sizes catch user attention quickly
C. Try out different Options-Bold, Italic, and CAPS
D. Convert Paragraph into bullet points

Hope this unique guide help you in making the most of your content copy. But if you still have problems, visit our website content writing, e-commerce writing, content writing services, we’ll make it easy for you.

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