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The Story of the Greatest Storytellers

Stories are eternal, stories are forever, they are the truth which we need to implement in our lives, and they are the new magical weapon which can change the way we live and do business. Did it ever happen to you that watch a movie and it becomes close to your heart forever? Have you … Continue reading “The Story of the Greatest Storytellers”

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The Top Secret Weapon That Defines Your Business Success

What’s a weapon? The Weapon is generally perceived as a knife, a gun, any sharp edgy bomb, something to hurt the other or just kept for the safety of one’s own. Well, here it’s not what you are thinking now. Basically, a weapon is the strong sharp edge like material or idea which helps you build … Continue reading “The Top Secret Weapon That Defines Your Business Success”

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5 Elements that Completes Your Business Storytelling

Time has gone when business and companies used to stay that they are trustworthy & customer driven and people used to believe on them. Today customers don’t want to believe you if you just say that you are “Customer oriented”, “reliable” or “honest”, they want you to get down to the reality and tell them … Continue reading “5 Elements that Completes Your Business Storytelling”

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