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Every great fortune held a story within , a story which has saved them, a story which has inspired them, and a story which makes them who they really are. So, here’s the story of Theziners- the passionate teams of designers.

Theziners-Is it Even A Real word?

Well, Every Story starts from a name and every name has a story behind it. Theziners, the name really originated from two real but different words namely “The” (denotes to power) and “Designers” (denotes to creators). Undeniably, the name itself shows the creativity of design.

The Story- How it all Started?

Dreams Change lives, Yes, it’s true. Our dreams and love for designs are the main reason which made us create Theziners in the first place. It was the cool summer of 2011, when our love for designs comes out as Theziners, the innovative media.  Back then, we were power-packed, full of fuel and hunger to do great things. It was like some electrical currents were passing through our brain and hearts to create something beyond comparable, something which is not yet existed.

They said, Design is thinking, made visual, but for us, Design was the world we live in, it was everything.

Have you ever felt the magic in your life when you go out there and devote yourself in the things you truly love?

We were feeling the same in every passing moment. Whether we are eating, dancing, or just going on a vacation, everything has the creative bug of design in it. If we talk in spiritualism, it was like meditation. We were putting our mind and soul for work and relishing the heaven in everything, such a delight it was.

You know if there’s a greater love than the love of your soul mates and family,  it’s the love for your work. We have felt it in every single day we have lived.

The Villain

But, as you know, nothing lasts forever.  (Well, we don’t mean what you are thinking either)

Something just happened to us, we were giving our 1000% in work and we were getting work too, people also loved what we were doing for them, but still something wasn’t right.

You know the feeling when you know everything is fine, but still, something feels missing.  It was that period of our lives; each and every person from our team was feeling the same thing inside their heart. We were coming at the same time in the office, working same hours, meeting our clients’ needs effectively but something was not feeling right. We were just on the right track to give the world which is not yet created, which is not yet formed, but still, something didn’t feel right.

Do you visit a doctor when everything is fine in your health? We bet the answer is no. What you will you tell him? Will you tell him that you are doing absolutely fine, even on the verge to get your targets, but yet something doesn’t feel right? Even if you say so, the doctor will surely recommend you to visit mental asylum.

Lame, but that’s what truth is.

It wasn’t a family or love problem either; everyone from our team was healthy, happy, and content from their life. It was something not easily understandable by any of them.

The Change

But, then again something happened with us.(This time, it’s what exactly what you are thinking- Something Positive)

We all feel like we needed a break from what we are doing, just to have our super powers back. We planned a trip to a small hill-station nearby, just to get a break from what we are doing in our lives.

We ate, danced, and clicked photographs and tried our best to collect memories in the way we can, as we also knew that memories never die. It was a weekend trip; we left on Friday and reached on the same day in the afternoon.  In first two days, nothing really happened, neither the god came to us to benefit us with his magical words, nor we get any idea or reason for what has happened to us. But, we still had fun.

We were relaxing at the river fall at the last day of our trip when we met some young crowd of twenties. They all belong to middle-class families, but their dreams were far beyond any class available on this planet.  They came forward and put their views about how the future will be. They all belong to different cultural backgrounds, but there are two things which are common about them: – Firstly, they all belong to normal middle-class families with finance problem, secondly, they wanted to solve the problems existed in society.

We all had an overwhelming discussion with them just before we left the place for our head office. It was a great discussion, but something has changed in all of us from that conversation, i.e., our vision. We had started Theziners with a vision to create something exceptional, something mind-boggling, but we really forget about the one who made our life better by doing what they do for us.

We are talking about the people with whom we grew up, people who have supported us throughout our life, we have been ignoring them from our work, and maybe that’s the main reason why we were not getting satisfaction we wish to have.

The Magic

From the journey, we realize that sometimes, it’s not about what you want to do, it’s about what people need from you. Thus, we have started working for those who have dreams, but never able to realize them due to their financial problems. We realize that people, the society we live in, needs our help, and thus, we have changed our services to meet their requirements. We begin to help those with dreams and passion in their eyes, it includes all the start-ups, new businesses and those good people who look for great services at affordable prices. After all, business is always about people. Isn’t it?

The Present & The Future 

Now, Theziners Online Store is a creative platform of designers where one can find different quality design material such as Logo Design Template, Flyer Design Template, Brochure Design, Trifold, Social Media Banners, Postcard, Business Card Templates, and much more.

Now, everyone can utilize our elegant design services for their use. Things have changed now; we don’t feel that there’s something missing anymore. Life’s new, creative and full of excitement. Plus, now we are more excited than ever to help people at large.

So, Yeah, That’s Our Story! 

Writeropedia wishes all the best to Theziners

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