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Everything in this start’s from a vision, from a dream, and from a very small but un-fluctuating hope that one day things will change for better, for the larger good. Every story starts like that, and today also we will talk about a similar story of hope, The Story of Moglix. So hold tight and get ready for a perfect adventure.

Moglix- Where does it come from?

Moglix is the dream of some real followers of “Make in India” and “Digital India” initiative. To be specific, it was a dream seen by Rahul Garg, the ex-googler, which is exemplified in the playful appearance of Mogli. Through Moglix, he wanted to set a renowned example of all what we have seen in Mogli’s innocent, hardworking and smart character.  Talking of technological aspects, Moglix is developing as the India largest B2B commerce technology for manufacturing industry to simplify their supply chain process and bringing their entire purchase on Moglix.

The Story- How it all started?

“World is super-connected, do right and will come back slowly, do wrong and it will come back 10x faster.”

That’s the quote Rahul Garg had believed throughout his life. He begins his career with the unending fire as a summer intern at ATRI, Japan and moved along to diverse strong multinational companies across the globe. He holds an MBA in marketing from ISB and a strong expertise in Product management.  But this isn’t what makes him start “Moglix”, it’s the vision, the strong problem-solving perspective, and the ability to seeing what people usually miss is what led him to create this Mega dream, Moglix.  Everyone needs some specific qualities in order to create something different, to bring the innovation, and Rahul Garg has that. He has the perspective to see things differently, and a  novel innovative approach towards everything we see in this world, maybe that’s why he holds 16 US Patents in his own name. He’s connected to the roots, which led him to move back to India from Singapore. He came back to India  for fixing things which are not just in place.

The Problem & the Challenge

Rahul’s vision had always been different, so it didn’t take so long to him to see what 90% of the population of India is still ignoring. He saw the problems people are facing in sourcing and procurement transactions. He saw that the whole supply chain between industrial products is unorganized, offline, and there is no e-commerce platform which could help them in executing their business at the optimum level. The main cause of the problem is the rigidness and slow speed of Indian manufacturers to adapt technology, which was directly leading them to process inefficiencies and reducing marketing exposure as well.

This gave him a shock but at the same time inspires him to conceptualize and form a platform named Moglix where industrial workers can easily purchase good quality of industrial products and tools right at their doors.

But like they say, beginnings are the hardest. No business becomes super successful fortnight. Moglix had taken birth in the mind of Rahul, but taking it to being the problem solver for the larger industrial population of India was not at all easy. But someone also has said that there’s a will, there’s a way. Rahul created the Moglix with supreme hard work, determination and with strong man-power from different expertise. He found people who were best in their field and made them all fall in love with the idea. It took nights, hard days, and the endless struggle to solve this basic need of the market, but good things happen to those who work hard and have patience. So Moglix team does the same, they work hard and had faith through patience.

The Magic


And one day something happened, the efforts starts showing into rewards, the sales begin to increase and Moglix finally reached 1000 sellers at its market place. Moglix products begin to get a significant amount of buyers. Even buyer like Jindal Steel, Indian Oil and number of small business become a customer of Moglix. Asking of the stats, Rahul mentioned that over 50% of the Moglix buyers are having the turnover of 100 crs. or more.

Moglix had made the sound partnership and still partnering with the manufacturers across India, China, Taiwan, and other specific Asian Countries. Now, it delivers to more than 10,000 pin codes serviceable across the India.  Not only this, media also observed this magical blend of business & technology and covered the efforts of Moglix in their news stories.

 Moglix got the recognition and raised the seed funding of significant amount from Accel Partners and Jungle Venture. Even the Marquee Investor Mr. Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus at Tata Sons, had made the noteworthy investment in Moglix.  Moglix was extremely pleased and delighted to have the leader of Indian manufacturing as their advisor.

When asked Rahul about the investment he said,

“Mr Tata’s renowned contribution to the manufacturing sector has been encouraging and inspirational and we look forward to his guidance as we move Moglix towards revolutionizing the traditional buying and selling process for manufacturers in the country.”

Hopes for the future!

A dream has come to reality, things have begun to change and that time is not far when each and every industrial business owner will utilize Moglix to solve his business needs. That’s what we wish for Moglix. Moglix has begun to simplify the unorganized supply chain with a technology-first approach and it will.

Writeropedia wish all the best to Moglix!

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