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Mind of The Left handed Author- Because You Need This!

Because You Need This- Book

Every one of us who is living in this world has something in common, our lives! Yes, we’re together living in this life and facing all the bloomy flowers of happiness with quite a share of deep distress. All human beings aim for the same purpose i.e. happiness, which is much before success and most people find happiness in being successful and financially independent as well. For many people, the definition of contentment can be dissimilar, but for most of us, there is nothing overwhelming than being able to live a healthy life with financial independence with recognition as well. People in all aspects of life learn particular skill sets and later on the move to earn through their worth of knowledge.

Our long and dedicated hours of work and labor aren’t the only recipe for success; there’s a bunch of aspects that are required to be looked at. When all these elements are blended and worked well with, they create a synergistic effect that helps towards achieving individual and shared objectives as well.

With the thoughtful ideas and concepts listed down in the bestseller “Because You Need this” by Author Nikhil Srivastava, almost everyone, from the people who are in the process of struggle towards sheer success or the ones who’re already established individuals, or individuals who’re just in the pursuit of happiness – everyone can discover a complete new perspective towards life and gain a whole new insight for the better.


Being widely informative and inspirational at the same time, the book catches a lot of shared experiences in the life of the author and the people around him. Everything that you can bring on towards the communal life is shared in the book with eye opening experiences and captivating perspectives. Everyone is currently following the herd with a zest for success and recognition, and somehow, we lost the zeal of the life and so much that it offers to learn with fruitful experiences that surround us now and then. With “Because you need this” you’ll be able to love life and follow your dreams with the right mix of sheer dedication, discipline, near-sightedness, enthusiasm and of course some real time on your hands to just enjoy and live life to the fullest.

With the fascinating science of the 100-minute work and more thought-provoking ways to explore the different dimensions of success, you can surely grow up to be a better person with a much better understanding of life. So, whether you’re looking to get rich quick, find the love of your life, be great among people, or live the dream you always wanted to, the vision towards day to day life, success, and connectivity with people surely helps for the better.

With the interesting concepts of the book, you’ll learn to manage time, be a little bit busy, have engaging conversations with people and connect with the ones that matter the most. While growing up, everyone somehow realizes the truth that life is short. Also, there is no control of one’s life, so make the most out of it and live your dreams any form of guidance can help you.

This is what this book has taught us, though Nikhil Shrivastava, the author of the book has always been viewed as the most intelligent and lively personality, He has explained the most discussed issues with an entirely new perspective.

Because you need this, helps us ask questions considered meaningless. It makes us think differently about the existing problems and situations in our life. The author talks about all sheds of life, including love, devotion, and death. He does have a new and fun way to help you understand what’s important. That’s what you need to grow in your life.

What Can I learn from the Book?


One of the best thing about the book is that it’s effortless to read and understand, you don’t have to be an expert in English to read this book. The author wants to change the perspective of those who are still looking for hope, so he offers remarkable solutions in his interactive manner of writing.  Because You Need This helps you in-:

1. Finding what everyone else is looking for.
2. Learning the science behind working 100 minutes and earning more
3. Knowing everything you need to say before you say I love you
4. Replacing the  investment mindset to growth outlook
5. Unleashing the hidden potential of your mind
6. Appreciating your failures and turning them around
7. Becoming a better version of yourself

Rest, I want you to discover your own takes about the book. Whether you get it from experience, other people’s life experiences or just shared perspectives, you’ve got the basic understanding that what’s right and what’s not, that’s why you’re here in the first place. So if you’re contemplating towards the path of success and happiness, you can surely get your hands on, “Because you need this.”

The Whole team of Writeropedia thanks & congratulate Nikhil (Founder & Author) for creating such a beautiful youth guide. Thank you for giving us the free copy, we wish you all the best with #BecauseYouNeedThis.

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2 thoughts on “Mind of The Left handed Author- Because You Need This!”

  1. Awesome book that I ever read, my friend. Because You Need This is very inspiring. I have taken a lot of inspiration for my life. It’s easy to understand and apply in real life. I must say- I need this. Guys, don’t Miss this one. And That’s a terrific review. If you really want success in life- this is what you need. Much love and success to you Nikhil!

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