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Writeropedia Storytelling on JaganNath Skill Development Centre

Since independence, India has changed so much, we have been on distant planets, improvised old regimes, and now also advancing for wonderful and innovative plans for the better future. The future of any country depend upon how proficient and dedicated its workforce is. Now in the 69th year of Independence of India, where Skill Development is on hype, the country needs more and more people who can be employed on the basis of their capabilities rather just on the printed degrees. Skill, Ability & Passion, has become the milestone for the successful future of any Indian in the present era. But this proficient workforce is not the only thing we need, India needs people who understand this responsibility and come forward to make the change happen. Today’s Story is about one such organisation who has understood their responsibility and created a platform not just to build the right form of workforce but also to form the better India, i.e.., Jagan Nath Skill Development Centre.  The founders of JSDC have this one goal, making Indian rural and undeveloped youth capable and responsible enough to meet industry requirement and work at par with the rest of the world.

Undeniably, their vision’s great. But did they able to realise it? Did they ever get the people to convert into the right workforce? Did they ever get success in their mission? Or did some trouble have clashed their faith and finished their benevolent mission? I bet the story of JSDC is full of adventure, inspiration, and love, but how it actually happened is what we have to unfold here.


Like every great thing, Jagan Nath Skill Development Centre started with hope and dream for a better future, not only for the founders, but also for the youth which is still residing in local rural areas and didn’t have the appropriate access to the right kind of environment for developing skills, interest and other important aspects required for the job, thus leading our whole country to lack of manpower, inflation, wastage of resources, and all that which make a country poorer and keep it underdeveloped. The director of JSDC Mrs. Reena Gupta has realised that only skill manpower can change the fortune of our country, thus realised their dream into reality on 12 February 2012.  Undoubtedly, their vision was great, but not that easy, still, fortune favours the one who knows how to work hard with passion.

With endless efforts and tons of hard work, the creative heads of JSDC have formed meticulously created programs and courses for the benefits of public at large. They have formed a unique approach to facilitates the unaware youth in a systematic way that not only facilitated the youth to understanding their interest and abilities but also assisted them into utilizing their energy in getting to get the right kind of profession.  JSDC proffers a list of innovative procedures in their approach, such as Community mobilisation, Individual counselling, Training Session, Internship Assistance, and the main thing, Placement.


Even in facts, India has been suffering from the two major problems since independence. One is having people which are interested in doing their work with passion, and the second is to getting these people at the right time in right places, the placement problem.  This second problem is a two-fold problem which is faced by parties, the youth, and the companies.  Jagan Nath Skill Development Centre, understand that and created the mega online portal where people can register themselves and get employed. Plus, they don’t charge anything from students for placement assistance.

Now, they will not have to spend ample amount of time in just waiting and reading a newspaper, that’s something good.

SKILL DEVELOPMENT- Did they really does so?


Yes, they really do.  JSDC main dream was to improve and develop the workforce; because it’s only through the workforce we can actually have the development of our country. Thus they have created a list of creative courses and skill development internships program for students. The various courses of government skill sectors such as, Retail, IT/ITES NASSCOM, Beauty & Wellness, Apparel, Home Made-up Sector, Telecom and Banking, General Duty Assistant (GDA), Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI) are effectually executed under the centre head, Ms. Kalpana Singh.

Within a short span of time, JSDC has formed a very strapping association with different companies, Industries and MSMEs which ultimately helps them in proffering immediate placements to participants and also be a great help in devising tailored short terms skill development programs.

JSDC- The Journey

When asked the director, JSDC Mrs. Reena Gupta about the adventurous voyage of JSDC, she said,

 “JSDC has always been a remarkable ride for all of us. Over time, we have observed the widespread problems of youth, and created the solution in the form of JSDC.  Most of the students we have encountered didn’t even knew what they really wanted to do with their life, thus we helped them found out and through collective and participatory approach, we finally become able to create ways for them. We offer Career Guidance, specific courses like Tally and Accounting, Assistant Beautification, General Duty Assistant, Sewing Machine Operator, Handset Repairing, Spoken advance learning, Sales and Marketing, and more. But we still invite volunteering from different companies, people, and NGOs for the better future of these kids. I heartily thank Writeropedia for taking their valuable time and assisting us in bringing our vision to public at large. Thanks again

Hope For The Future

Overtime JSDC has been improved a lot; they have developed partnerships, formed great certification courses, and linkage with companies for instant placement aid. In 2014, JSDC has even added some talented and highly experienced people together as the Advisory Board. Now, they devise policies, functions, and give essential guidelines for the development of the overall system of JSDC.

JSDC is a carrier of Hope, a carrier of inspiration that things can be changed and we can become better. If you like what they are doing for our forthcoming future generations and wish to contribute in their benevolent cause, you can happily do so by various means.  JSDC invite talented people and companies to lend a hand and offer Guest lectures, Special Lectures, Organise field visits for practical exposure and more.

Writeropedia wish all the best to JSDC!

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