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A Candid Review of Breathe Right- Gain New Academic Heights

Breathe Right-Gain New Academic Heights- Book Review

It’s a well-known fact that books are treated as the best friend of human. They give us hope in despair, love in the loneliness, and wisdom when everything around us appears to be gloomy. Today on the storytelling platform of Writeropedia, we are going to talk about one such book- Breathe Right- Gain New Academic Heights by an International Author and life coach Prem Peyara. This is the first book in the series of Breathe Right, written for the well-being and development of the promising future of tomorrow, i.e., our students. The book gives a clear picture on how to cope up with the multitude of teenage problems just with the application of simple breathing exercises. Author has covered all the issues from the adolescent to the young life and provided a very promising solution to each of them.

Undeniably, author’s work on the book is recommendable. Reading the first few chapters gives the image of a philanthropist person who wants to bring revolution in the society with his proven techniques. Prem Peyara, being the prominent life coach with more than three decades of experience, knew that the best revolution in the world originates from the fresh and innovative mind. Thus, providing reliable solutions for every part of their life. He has a profound observation on all the widespread problems in teenage such as performance anxiety, addiction to drugs (smoking, alcohol, etc.), incapability of retaining study, low self-esteem, obesity, gender violence and career confusion.

Every chapter has a story that resonates the need of creating it, the research on which author has spent a lot of his energy and a solution in the form of exercise. For giving the exact ideation and implementation of the exercise, the author is providing his very own images in different postures.

When asked about the idea behind writing GNAH, out of simplicity, He said:

“You know everyone is concerned about the future. You might be wondering about your own future I am worried about the same. Not for my own, but for those who are coming ahead of us. Thus, to save the future of the humanity and to direct them in the path of happiness, success, and wisdom, I have written this book. Through the development of our children, we will be able to create a society that is happy, drug-free, healthy, and mindful about their life. And that’s all possible with the very thing you are doing every single second, i.e., breathing. Yes, you can achieve everything in your life just with the help of your breathing. If you want to design the future of your children, this is for you. If you are a student looking for success, this is for you. I have written this with my more than three decades of breathing expertise, to bring out the revolution in your life.”

Synopsis: Why worth to read?

The book proves its prominence with the practical situations and their meaningful solutions. Whether it’s drug abuse, concentration problem, or critical issue such as gender exploitation, the author carries his style on every situation. Come, have a look at the endless benefits of this book below-:

1. Dealing with Endless Performance Anxiety
2. Saving yourself/ your child from all sort of addictions (Smoking, Alcohol, etc.)
3. Making your child calmer, confident & rejuvenated
4. Increasing the ability to retain 100% of whatever they read
5. Arising the capacity to make an informed career decision
6. Being Fit without becoming obese
7. Saving them from Gender exploitation
8. Making your child more active and sporty
9. choosing the right career for your kids in the alignment of their dreams.

Moreover, the book provides all ages of students the ability to gain academic heights, not only from the study prospect, but also from fitness, self-reliance, and other significant aspects.

As per Writeropedia, Breathe Right- Gain New Academic Heights is not just a book but a guide to improvise and elevate the future of your children. Prem Peyara is also offering the book for FREE to those who cannot afford it. Click here to avail the same.

Meet the author


Prem Peyara is the Indian lawyer turned Life coach & Author. From more than three decades, Prem has served people from more than 50 nationalities with the magical art of Breathe Right, Feng Shui, and Vaastu Shastra. After two divine years with Sacred Saints of Holy Himalayas, he excelled in all breathing sciences.

Connect to him on his Facebook page, or find him on his Instagram / LinkedIn profile. You can tweet him and ask about any suggestions on his twitter account. To Get the book, click here.

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