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Shreya Dutta- Writer and Founder of StarwordsIndia

Shreya Dutta- Writer and Founder of StarwordsIndia

Today, we are exploring one of the most talented, hardworking and passionate individuals, Shreya Dutta. With a lot of achievements at this young age, Shreya got the winner attitude. Let’s explore Shreya’s words of wisdom now.

1. An Engineering student, a Swimmer, a Writer and Founder of a Content Writing company. How does it feel like?

Whoa! That’s too heavy. I agree that pursuing more than one thing at a time isn’t very easy, but once you are ready to work hard, nothing can hold you back. I enjoy what I do and that is probably the reason I can handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

2. How and when did you develop an interest in the field of Content Writing?

I started writing when I was 10. Yes, I used to write stupid things back then but that was enough to keep me motivated. I did not develop an interest in the field of Content Writing. Writing is my passion and, hence, it just happened.

3. According to you, which are the three qualities which a successful Content Writer must have?

Firstly, a content writer must be creative. Secondly, the content writer should be punctual so that the deadlines are not missed. Thirdly, the content writer must enjoy what he or she is doing. Once you start enjoying the work, the quality is automatically maintained/improved.

4. How do you see Content Writing as an industry 5 years down the line? Which significant changes are you expecting to happen?

Content Writing isn’t a new domain. It has been there in the society since mankind started documenting the events. Five years down the line, Robotics, AI, and Embedded Systems will be ruling the market. However, I am not sure if the content writing industry will be affected much. Writing requires you to use your heart. Thank God, the robots don’t have one yet! *giggles*

5. One question which I just cannot resist from asking. Who is your favourite writer and which particular quality do you want to imbibe from him/her?

This is a difficult question to answer. I grew up reading classics and Jane Austen made me dream of doing something great in life despite all odds. Her clarity of thoughts and her sense of humour depicted in the strong characters that she had created make me want to write well. Of course, I cannot miss out imagining owning a Firebolt! J. K. Rowling has helped me learn the art of painting a picture in the minds of the readers. Finally, a man I literally worship is Paulo Coelho. I know I can probably never write even 1% of the way he does. However, it is the way he combines fiction and non-fiction to create a wonderful novel that gives me the zeal to help inspire my readers.

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6. With so many achievements under your name at such a young age, how do you feel?

I feel I haven’t achieved anything yet. I have humble dreams but those dreams are meant to be fulfilled. When I truly become the person I want to be, I will think about answering this question. For the time being, I can only say that I am truly enjoying this difficult process of chasing my dreams. 

7. So many startups, as well as MNCs, have now started hiring Content Writers instead of outsourcing them. What is your take on this?

This is a good opportunity for the people who want to start off as a Content Writer. However, if a writer wants to write for the sake of creativity and recognition, the full-time positions are incapable of satiating their thirst.

8. Despite being an Undergraduate Engineering Student, you have successfully established StarWords India? So how do you manage to juggle between studies and office work?

It is tough. However, it is the support of my team members that keep me running. I know they depend on me and that is enough to keep me motivated. Yes, I sacrifice going out for a movie or hanging out with friends. But, at the end of the day, when my team tells me that they have learnt something, I feel happy to take the pressure.

9. According to you, which is one must-have quality for successfully running a company?

When you have to run a company, you should be business-minded. However, it is essential to treat the team members as your family members and the clients as your friends. If I don’t listen to my team members and help them solve their problems, it is no point in running a company. Profit isn’t the only thing that matters in life. I work so that I can give my team members the platform they deserve. Also, if I don’t follow my heart, it is difficult to understand what my clients want. I don’t write reading a few descriptions. I analyse and feel what they want. Thus, I feel you should make your heart and mind work in sync to run the company.

10. The most pertinent of all questions. How do you see the future of StarWords India five years from now?

5 years down the line, I hope StarWords India becomes one of the leading content writing agencies in India. And, I hope I can help my team members become published authors by that time.

11. Any take on Writeropedia? Do you consider them to be your competitor?

I am lucky to know Nikhil, the Co-Founder of Writeropedia, and a published author. Even though I don’t know the others personally, I can say that they are working as a team and doing really well. I wish them good luck and I know they have a bright future ahead.

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