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Meet Prem Peyara-Lawyer Turned Life Coach

Meet Prem Peyara- The Lawyer Turned Life Coach

No matter how hard you try, you cannot run from who you are. You cannot deny your inner voice for quite long. There will be a time when you will face an outburst, and at that moment you will have to decide whether to listen to your inner voice and change for better or following the mundane lifestyle. Today we are going to talk with someone who just didn’t take the philanthropist route, but also renounced the traditional path for the greater good of society. Not many have the power to do that. Yes, we are talking about none other than the Successful Author & Life coach Prem Peyara. With more than three decades of experience, Prem is giving some insight about his life and book “Breathe Right- Gain New Academic Heights.”

1. Define LIFE in three words.

CONSCIOUS, HONEST, KARMA – It Makes life worthy.

2. From a terrific Supreme Court Lawyer to a Successful Life coach & Author, how has the journey been so far?

Being a passionate Philanthropist by soul, I was never considered successful as a lawyer in the worldly metrics. The reason was simple; I used to encourage litigants/ clients to compromise instead of going through tedious long-time consuming litigation, wasting time and money on lawyers and judicial system. This made me controversial among lawyers.  As I could not lie to my clients, I decided to live the life for the mission I was sent on this beautiful blue planet.

As a Life Coach & Author, the insight prevailed & brought me on the path to live for my assignment on this planet, which is to make people happy & put a sweet upward curve on their lips. This gives me the ultimate satisfaction.

3. Every writer remembers a book that opens a new world to them; which one is yours?

Now when I look back at my life from the early age of 5 years, it occurs as a complete book which is yet to have many chapters. But if you are talking about the book with the black alphabets on white papers then of course “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramhansa Yogananda.

4. What makes a good writer – skill or experience?

For me, it’s the experience people have. It’s the soulful and honest experience on the skill about what you are writing & desire to share with your prospective readers

5. “Breathe Right- Gain New Academic Heights” has been well-accepted by the readers; what made you pen down this brilliant theme in the first place?

I was never a topper in my academic pursuits, but I know the tricks to manufacture an excellent student and a person with a successful career to enjoy best in their life. I nurtured students to get their desired goals in their studies whether in a High School or a University. It is my mission to design a successful good human being, and I can achieve this only with the person who is a student irrespective of their age.

6. You have mentioned about Breathing Exercises for students on the various aspects of their life. Will you shed some light on how it will bring the change in student’s life?

Breathing is the primitive activity; we perform from the moment we marked our presence on this beautiful blue planet. Breathing is the last activity we accomplish while taking the last ride in this mortal world. Our life journey starts with an inhale and ends with an exhale. But surprisingly we don’t know how to inhale and exhale during the journey of life to make it exciting & comfortable. It is a proven fact if we perform this necessary need in a principled way then we can enjoy our life with contentment and abundance.

7. How does the Life Journey Mentor, Prem Peyara, spend his leisure hours?

Leisure hours, Ha Ha Ha Ha, you are asking a very personal question. In fact, 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, and 365 days in a year is a holiday for me. I am very much relaxed as I perform everything consciously while dedicating every action of mine to the Supreme Being. In other words, I relax while working and work while relaxing. This is what I guide, to abundance seekers to live every moment with conscious breathing and achieve excellence in life.

8. What is that one thing that we cannot live without and what makes us satisfied?

We cannot live without Ourselves. You cannot deceive yourself, therefore, being honest with your self-make you complete and lead to happy life.

9. If you could walk the red carpet one day, how would you want the world to recognise your effort?

RED CARPET has no meaning for me. What is truly important for me is to walk and keep moving with absolute fulfilment. The final product of the life is DEATH. Therefore, one has to live the life in fullest form and enjoy every moment. 

10. Most of the students complain that their parents do not allow them to follow their dreams because of the risks involved. How should the students cope up with this?

For parents, I will like to say that life is a risk. Coffee has caffeine and roads have accidents, but still life is worth living. We don’t stop walking. Life is given once so live the life of your own chosen fashion. And if you don’t take the risk in your life, you risk everything. Remember, there was a risk when parents were teaching a crawling child to walk, but they didn’t stop encouraging a child to stand and walk again after falling several times.

11. As a mentor, how would you like to inspire the budding students to design their life?

Be a thinker and visionary. Dream high and make your dream come true. Ask these two questions “what do you want?” and “Are you committed to it?”

12. What have you got in store for the readers next? Would you like to tell your fans what they should be looking forward to?

See I am committed to making the people live their life with complete satisfaction. And I am now at the stage to share my experience and answer questions amid SEX to SPIRITUALITY. So, there are more books and blogs to come. If anyone has any questions, I would love to answer that. Just wait for the time, I will reveal everything.

13. Any take on Writeropedia website and platform?

I am reading and enjoy the excellent creativity of Writeropedia. It is an exceptional platform for every age, the place for getting wisdom and the name is WRITEROPEDIA.

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