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Interview With Kevin Missal- Author of Dharamayoddha Kalki-Writeropedia

Interview with Kevin Missal- Author of Dharamayoddha Kalki

Author of Dharmayoddha Kalki, Kevin Missal is a 21-year-old young delhihite, a graduate of St. Stephen’s college. Surprisingly, he turns out to be the author of four amazing novels stretching from crime to mythology to horror. He published his first book in the young teenage of 14, which was remarkably released with the Chief Minister of Delhi. He completed the second book at the age of 16, which then published by a British indie-press. Not only this, he’s a forerunner in writing the World’s First Instaread and the bestseller on Amazon under Horror Category. Presently, he’s the co-owner/founder of Kalamos Literacy Services, which publishers and encourage unseasoned writers to establish their identity in the literary industry.

Dharamyodha Kalki-Writeropedia

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Q.1 Define LIFE in three words.

Ans.  Fulfillment of passion.

Q.2 Author of four great books in just 21 years, how has the journey been so far?

  Ans. Hectic. Frustrating. Triumphant.

Q.3 Every writer remembers a book that opens a new world to them; which one is yours?

Ans. The Hobbit by Tolkien.

Q.4 What makes a good writer – skill or experience?

Ans. Experience triumphs talent.

Q.5 “Dharmayoddha Kalki: Avatar of Vishnu” has been well-accepted by the readers; what made you pen down this brilliant theme in the first place?

Ans. The idea of making an Indianized Star Wars-cum-Game of Thrones story mixed with Indian myths and heroes.

Q.6. How does the young author, Kevin Missal, spend his leisure hours?

Ans. Reading original stories on Wattpad, watching Netflix Original shows and going out with friends or family.

Q.7. How long it took you to complete “Kalki” and what has been the major inspiration for you throughout the journey of writing this book?

Ans. I go on a writing spree and I had finished it in a month but um, the process of cultivating it into a story took almost two years of brainstorming.

Q.8. If you could walk the red carpet one day, how would you want the world to recognize your effort?

Ans. As a writer who believes in delivering social entertainment.

Q. 9. Most of the students complain that their parents do not allow them to follow their dreams because of the risks involved. What’s your take on it?

Ans. There’s always a risk in every little move you make. If people stopped taking risks, there won’t be overnight successes or geniuses we praise today. Blind risk is not what I preach. When cliff is visible and you want to jump, that’s dumb. But take calculative risks—choose your path, study, work hard and then take a leap.

Q.10 As a young and successful author, how would you like to inspire the budding writers to plan their life?

Ans. I am young, sure, but not successful, really. I’ll just say keep writing, keep believing and keep saving to invest in your book when it comes to completion.

Q.11 Today’s modern Authors fails badly at marketing their book to the world but you have made commendable efforts with Dharamyodha Kalk, any takeaways for them?

Ans. I always believe in content. You can put all the money to push the book and if the content is not good, it’ll not move. So yes, use marketing as a tool to push not to see it as an entirely important thing in writing business. Also I know someone would read this and say “Well Durjoy Datta and Savi Sharma didn’t have content. How did they succeed?” It’s because they found their target audience.

Q.12 What have you got in store for the readers next? Would you like to tell your fans what they should be looking forward to?

Ans. I’m writing a novella which is a tie-in to Kalki trilogy. It’s based on Ratna Maru the Warrior Apsar. It deals with child slavery, prostitution but against the backdrop of the Kalki world.

Q.13 Any take on Writeropedia website and platform?

Ans. Well, I really find it simplistically beautiful with amazing services to offer and innovative posts to read.

Thank you so much.


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