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Interview With Ayushi Singh- Engineer Turned Author of In the canopy of Life

Q.1 Define Happiness in three words.

My Smiling Parents!

This is what happiness meant to me till eternity, nothing materialistic or spiritual can replace this, what so ever!

Q.2 Author of two great books in such young age, how has the journey been so far?

My journey in the world of literature has been miraculous. And by miraculous, I meant it brought internal peace and contentment to my heart and soul.

Literature for me is like a playground for a kid. After getting tired of work, world or life I often find solace in this world. No person is capable enough to listen or understand you; however, the ultimate power is in pen and paper. Hence, the pen is the mightier one and a paper with words is full of wisdom.

Yes…I agree that the journey for an artist is harder than usual but believe me I am still in the midst of my journey and not reached my destination yet.

Q.3 To begin the Writeropedia Author Marathon Interview, We would like you to Introduce your book “In the Canopy of Life” to our readers?Every writer remembers a book that opens a new world to them; which one is yours? 

In the canopy of Life (Jeevan Ki Chaaon Me) is very close to my heart. Not because it’s my first published work, but it contains few precious collections of my lost diary.

  The content of this book is a Compilation of poems and stories in Hindi and in the English Language.It cannot be categorized under any particular genre as it is versatile and possess articles on the different aspect of life. Words of a struggling teenager boy, A love story with incredible sacrifices, A letter by a bride to groom, A message by the Almighty to humanity, A story of worthy friendship, and an ode to dreams. Some prose is rhythmic others are sporadic.It’s a small gift to humanity with the motive to extend in many other versions.

 And about writers who inspire me ….then I have a long list :

Dan Brown for his exclusive presentation in the domain of adventure and suspense. JK Rowling for exceptionally intriguing imagination, Shakespeare’s dialogues, Wordsworth for his choice of writing and Robert Frost for his evergreen inspiration!

1 (3)                                                    Buy the Book Here

 Q.4 What makes a good writer – skill or experience?

Writing is NOT a profession. It’s an Art which requires freedom of expression. So to be a good writer, you need the power of observation and skill of expressions.

 Q.5 “In the canopy of Life” has been well-accepted by the readers; what made you pen down this brilliant theme in the first place?

In the Canopy of Life is a compilation of my work since childhood. I never had any intention to get it published however when MyBooksPublications approached me, my idea turned into reality.

2 (1)                                                                एहसासों का आशिॅयाना

 Q.6. How does the young author, Ayushi Singh, spend her leisure hours?

 I have recently entered the world of music and pursuing music as my side career. Apart from writing, I am a vocalist too. In my extremely busy schedule, I squeeze least an hour to do riyaaz.

Q.7. How long it took you to complete “In the canopy of life” and what has been the major inspiration for you throughout the journey of writing this book?

As I mentioned prior, In The Canopy of Life was never created with an intention to get it published. It’s my collection since childhood. The major inspiration of my life in this literature journey was the unfolding surprises of life in every aspect and my craving to pen down my experiences.

 Q.8. If you could walk the red carpet one day, how would you want the world to recognize your effort?

Ayushi Singh’ not just a NOUN …but an ADJECTIVE to remember …!!

Q. 9. Most of the students complain that their parents do not allow them to follow their dreams because of the risks involved. What’s your take on it?

 Pursue your passion and don’t leave anything incomplete in your life, be it any task, project, communication, relationship, commitment or promise.

Parents are our well-wishers and they never want us to fail. Prove your worth and win their trust. They will support you in your every pursuit!

Q.10 As a young and successful author, how would you like to inspire the budding writers to plan their life?

I believe art should be dispersed as much as possible with no intention to make money. If your art is a masterpiece … it will bring money. Hence, readers are more necessary for any writer. Authors should measure their success by the number of readers, not by their bank balance.

Keep writing….your heart out, it’s not about grammar always…it’s about your expressions.

Q.11 What would be the best life per you?

Best life for me is what I am Living NOW! Nothing can be better than this! If being calculative, I would say…turning my passion into the profession is what the best happened to me.

Q.12 Which writing field excites you most and why?

I am a versatile personality and I fall in love with almost everything very easily. There is no particular genre that excites me….its the writing style and the content which can bring about an adrenaline rush in me!

Q.13 Today’s modern Authors fails badly at marketing their book to the world but you have made commendable efforts with In the canopy of life, and four takeaways for them?

An author needs to target that section of the crowd which they want to write for. Then they have to focus on their psychology. Accordingly, they should choose the genre and do research. The content of your novel is the one and only aspect that will increase its lifeline.

Since I am a nascent artist, I need to expose my art to the world before I think about making money out of it. I distributed my books free to many who love to read (and to some who were willing to read). Their appreciation uplifted my morale and motivated me to write more.

Q.14 What have you got in store for the readers next? Would you like to tell your fans what they should be looking forward to?

My upcoming projects are related to fictional work involving social reforms or a kind of a friendly gesture to Pakistan, our neighboring country.

It could turn controversial as it is involving the stories of those two countries whose enmity is more popular than its history. However, my sole intention is to eradicate differences and propagate love and unity.

I am an Artist and I believe in Harmony, Love, and Peace!

Q.13 Any take on Writeropedia website and platform?

Writeropedia is a wonderful platform for a fascinating website (Must Visit !) I wish them good luck in all their future endeavours and cheers to the hardworking team ! Cheers!

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  1. I am truly mesmerized by the way you evolved from the time i know you. You always had a vision and passion to write. Keep up the good work.love your work.

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