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Interview with Anamika Mishra

Interview with Anamika Mishra- Author of For the sake of love

Q.1 Define Life in three words.

Journey worth enjoying

Q.2 Author of three great books in such a young age, how has the journey been so far?

It’s been a beautiful journey. Of course, I had to face some hiccups but I believe that’s what the journey is all about. You come across the potholes and sometimes, you don’t even see the road but still, you move on with a faith in your heart towards your dreams and eventually, you reach where you want to be! I don’t say I have reached where I want to be, but surely I am a few steps up from where I started.

Q.3 To begin the Writeropedia Author Marathon Interview, we would like you to Introduce your book “For the sake of Love” to our readers?

For the sake of love is really a good book, to begin with. *Laughs*

Well, it’s a romantic suspense book which is about David who has been waiting for his love of life Jasmine to respond to his letter and it’s been a lifetime. It’s about Twisha who finds these letters in an old letter-box and decides to help David find Jasmine and seek answers. This book is really close to my heart as it changed my perception towards life and love. Read the book to find more!

Q.4 Every writer remembers a book that opens a new world to them; which one is yours?

For me, it will always be DAVID COPPERFIELD by CHARLES DICKENS. It was the first ever book I read in life and this book is the only reason why I am an author today. It inspired me to write and share my stories.

Q.5You are also a motivational speaker. Tell us one of the most memorable experience you had in your seminars?

One of the most memorable experience was during my talk in Pune in 2016. After my session, a reader came to me shivering terribly, with eyes full of tears; said that my book VoiceMates was just like his life and after reading the book, he actually spoke to his parents about becoming a musician and his parents allowed him to take music classes. He told me that he has come from Nashik just to meet me, tell me this and thank me for VoiceMates. I too felt like crying upon seeing this impact of my book on a reader. This had happened with me for the first time and I thanked myself for allowing my own self to write this book.

Q.6 “For the sake of Love” has been well-accepted by the readers; what made you pen down this brilliant theme in the first place?

I like old-school love. Sneaking out to meet, writing letters, waiting all day long just to get a glance at the one you love, all this really makes me feel too good. I wanted to write something that brings back the charm of love letters and old-school love as it’s too much of technology these days. I wanted to write something that has a vintage touch but is also relatable for today’s youth. Hence, I created For The Sake Of Love because I felt it is a perfect mix of vintage and modern and will try to rekindle faith in true love.

Q.7. How does the young author, Anamika Mishra, spend her leisure hours?

I try to spend my leisure hours with my family. I watch movies with them, play with my nephew, take my dog on a walk or simply sit with them and chit-chat.

Q.8. How long it took you to complete “For the sake of love” and what has been the major inspiration for you throughout the journey of writing this book?

This book is all about keeping patience and holding on. This was my ONLY inspiration throughout the journey of writing this book. Although, it didn’t take that much time in writing this one. It took 2 months for me to finish this book.

Q.9 Tell us about the publishing journey in all three books? Why writers are so afraid of that?

I am not afraid, actually I never was. Even when I started my journey when Too hard to handle my first book got published, I wasn’t sure how and where to begin but I was sure that everything will fell into the right place with time. And it did. My journey so far has been really good; I have seen ups and downs but no regrets. After all that’s what a journey is all about. Hai na?

Q.9. If you could walk the red carpet one day, how would you want the world to recognize your effort?

As an author who wrote the books that inspired lives.

Q.10. Most of the student complain that their parents do not allow them to follow their dreams because of the risks involved. What’s your take on it?

My book VoiceMates is on this issue only. Tulip harbors the passion to become a singer but her parents want her to focus on studies and do well in academics. I feel this is the most common reason why youngsters are not able to pursue their passion. All I can say is RISK IS THERE. But tell me, where isn’t risk involved? Who on Earth gives you job assurety. What happened during the time of recession? And talking about risk… So, you drive a car, it’s risky. You fly in a plane, it’s risky. In fact, you walk on a road and it is risky. And if you are REALLY passionate about something, you should risk it. I took a risk to pursue my passion of writing and today, I am giving this interview. I literally started from 0. Remember, if it’s really your passion it’s totally worth taking a risk.

Interview with Anamika Mishra-Writeropedia
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Q.11 As a young and successful author, how would you like to inspire the budding writers to plan their life?

Begin now! This the first step and rest everything will fall into the right place. Creativity knows no boundations, rules, deadlines or protocols. It just happens. Let your creativity flow. This is not just for aspiring writers, but for every creative person may it be an aspiring artist, singer, actor, chef or dancer. Trust me, I don’t follow any rules when it comes to writing. discipline should be there, but always keep a room for your creativity to flow.

Q.12 What would be the best life per you?

This is the best life. I don’t say, I don’t want more. I do; but for whatever I am right now, I am grateful. I always dreamt of becoming an author, and now I am living my dreams. It feels amazing when a reader spots me in a mall or airport and asks for a selfie. It feels amazing to be featured in media for what I do. It feels surreal to sign books & give autographs. Surely, there’s A LOT MORE to come, but right now is the best time, the best life. I believe one should enjoy the journey rather than rushing to reach the destination. Maze lo yar har ek phase ke, what say?  

Q.13 Which writing field excites you most and why?

Writing books, without a doubt. Though writing blogs, articles and scripts is fun too, but writing books have its own charm. It’s like a journey, from creating characters out of no-where to weaving a story to making the readers believe in something and inspire them.

Q.14 Today’s modern Authors fails badly at marketing their book to the world but you have made commendable efforts with For the sake of love, any four takeaways for them?

Haha! I am actually very bad at marketing. Problem with me is, I cannot force or pester anyone to read my book. Even today, when I or my team approaches a reader or reviewer, we always give them information about the book and ask them if they find it interesting or not. Then only we take things further. On my social channels also, I only share the required information. I believe my job is to write books, get it published, make it available in the bookstores and inform the world about the same. Picking it or not, it is totally a reader’s call. If they like it, they will pick it.

Q.15 What have you got in store for the readers next? Would you like to tell your fans what they should be looking forward to?

I am currently working on 2 books, one is fiction and the other one is non-fiction. As of now, it’s too soon to open the bottle’s cap but I will reveal more once I am done with writing the first draft of any of the 2 books.

Q.16 Any take on Writeropedia website and platform?

At first, I would like to congratulate you on this wonderful startup and thank you, for providing this wonderful platform for me to share about my journey and books. Yours is a wonderful website and services that you provide are the need of the hour. I really liked the way you’ve made your website, especially the section where ‘no of cups of coffee offered’ is mentioned. Where’s my coffee by the way? 😀 Anyway, keep the good work! Thank you once again!

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