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Because We Need This – One to One with Nikhil Shrivastava

Because We Need This – Inspiring talk with Nikhil Shrivastava

If there’s one thing in the entire world that you cannot ignore any time, is yourself. No matter what, we cannot outrun who we truly are. These are the words from the greatest left-handed author- Nikhil Shrivastava. A guy who has proved his efforts with the incredible book – Because You Need This! Along with the heart of beautiful girls, he’s winning the heart of every single dreamer out there. His words are now becoming a dominant element of change for the youth of India. The team of Writeropedia finally get to meet its gem- Nikhil to ask some of the profound questions about his life. Let’s know this Because You Need This Author via the heart.

Because You Need This- left handed author

Q.1 Apart from this writer tag of the left-handed author, how do you want to represent yourself in front of this world as which kind of person you are?

Ans. Well, I don’t believe in tag system. Instead of the tag or benchmarks that our society is having, I will appreciate us knowing because of our attributes. My mother says that kindness and love can prevail over anything. So I wanted to remember as an expression of it, an expression of kindness, joy, love and peace. That’s what I want to stand for. We, humans, are so much more than the designation we have, so I wish to embark the notion of valuing the real humanity, instead of knowing just for what I do.

So, if you ever come looking for me, look in your laughter, dreams and love.  Trust me; I will always be there.

Q.2 You love writing since your childhood but before starting your career as a writer have you ever thought that you are destined to be a successful Author?
Ans. “Destiny” the word itself sound like something is pre-planned. Like we are bound to walk on a similar path. Well, I have always considered the life we have as a journey onto this mortal world. A journey where we all been sent to create joys, happiness and memories. And it might happen that Almighty has decided to give us a power with which we can make our journey feasible. So, I think my love for words could be my power so that I can enjoy my journey to the core. Rest, He knows the best. J

Q.3 A day will come for sure in future when you will be at the high of success, whether can it make you distant from your family or real friends??

Ans. We never truly change for our loved ones. I had seen some of the darkest hours of my life, a time when everything seemed blurry and dark, but there are my people you haven’t given up on me, so how can I leave them on the date of success. Well, my theory of success is still different, I think that if you are doing what you love, and giving the best of your efforts, you are already successful. So, I don’t believe that it’s going to make any difference.

Q.4 How would you feel if someone says that after reading your inspiring book- Because you need this, you are an ideal being for that person?

Ans. How would I feel? Happy and Blessed, isn’t it? I will be happy, not only for the fact that they have appreciated me but for the fact that they are serious enough to change their life. Life is all about the steps we take on our own, everything that happens afterwards is the non-interesting theory. So, if you are interested enough to take the first step towards changing your life, you will be happy with the reward. Take the first step. And, I don’t know about becoming an ideal, but I would be happy if the person can take the slightest bit of inspiration and do things to be my ideal.  I will wait for S/he to become my ideal instead.

Q.5 As you explain about investment and contribution in your book, do you think that writing useful books can also be a great contribution to the development of a person and society?

 Ans. I think every person has their way of contributing to things, some like to help with their skills, some contribute their wealth, and some with their mind. I belong to the third category, the one who contribute to their thinking. And I think it’s something everyone can do. You, me, everyone can have good and prospective thoughts for one another, as it’s the beginning of all good deeds. And yes, writing is one great way to contribute to the society, not from now for 500 years ago, or else how would we know the Shakespeare.

Q.6 Can you sum up your Past, Present and Future in a Quote or a line?

Ans. Shaandar, Zabardast, Zindabaad! 😉

Because You Need This-Nikhil Shrivastava

Q.7 In your this journey from an ordinary man to be a successful Author and now in coming future who could be celebrity mentor and entrepreneur, * Have you ever feel scared in your life to think about your future*?

Ans. For what to be scared of? Zombies? Monsters? Or who. We tend to take this life too seriously, and we shouldn’t do that. It’s a journey on a distant planet. What’s the reason to fill ourselves with worries and lost the true essence of living? Life demands us to be free and enjoy. I am here to live this journey in the best way I can, and If I can do something for others to make it easy and enjoyable for them, then I will be more than happy. That’s my purpose and vision.

Q.8 What is the thing inside you which continue inspiring your soul to express more n more thoughts. Is it curiosity, observation or anything else?
Ans. It’s the urge, the never-ending thrust to do something. You know there are things in life in which you lose yourself completely, things which make your soul dance. I think similar experience happen when we fall in love like we look at the sight of someone and feel lost. At that moment, you don’t need anything except the appearance of that person. Their hairs, their eyes, the way we look everything feels illuminated. Like everything is connected, and you are in a time zone where everything feels surreal. It’s a kind of emotion I go through when I start writing anything. That’s what makes me move.

Q.9 Apart from writing, what else can add happiness in your life?

Ans. Knowing the fact that people are smiling because of you, or smiling and happy in their things. That brings me a lot of happiness and satisfaction. We are not promised tomorrow, nor do we have any control on what has happened, it’s just now, just today, just this moment, which can change everything. So, I will be happy knowing the fact that you are happy and good, adds a lot of happiness in our life.

Q.10 What do you want to be left behind you after this life?

Ans. I don’t believe in the materialistic presentation of the world, though it’s an essential part and will linger on through ages, on and after me as well. Though, if I truly have to answer your question- I would say one word, “thinking”. I think the world needs the revolution now more than ever. Billions of people are merely existing instead of thriving; millions are depressed and ready to end the most precious gift of god- their life. The world needs to see that there’s so much more than what we look upon. There’s beauty in everything, all that we need is to change our perspective. So, even after I am gone, I would like to leave my “left-handed thinking”, and yet I know that there will be someone after me who will come again and do some magic, and yeah, the world will change. That’s what I hope for.

Q.11 Some words about Writeropedia?

Ans. Writeropedia is love. I am so privileged to be a part of such wonderful team. You are the inspiration for the forthcoming ventures and dreams. Thank you for so much love, all the best to the entire team of Writeropedia.

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